// Body Transformation //


Building the body you want by reducing fat while gaining lean muscle at the same time.

Body transformation, also known as body recomposition, is a weight loss approach that focuses not only on losing body fat but also building muscle at the same time. The benefit of this approach is that with consistency, great results are possible. In addition to looking good, you can expect improved health and wellness.

Body recomposition can be achieved by anyone, at any fitness level – from the fittest athlete to the most sedentary coach potato. By applying the principles of good nutrition, energy balance and regular exercise, along with consistent adherence to your plan and guidance from your trainer, you can effect incredible changes to your body!

At Versa Fit Club, our coaches are well-equipped with the knowledge and experience to completely transform your physique, whilst taking into account YOUR daily lifestyle. We cut to the chase – NO crash diets, NO excessively long training sessions. We follow evidence-based practices in all of our exercise and nutrition plans, which are manageable, sustainable and easy to follow; enabling you to reach your goals! And depending on the level of support that you require, your coach will be available to assist and guide you along every step of your journey.


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