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Let us help you customise your meals to fit your goals.


What you eat is absolutely the most important factor involved in improving your health and changing your physique. The importance of correct nutrition cannot be overstated enough when embarking on any health, wellness or fitness journey.

Our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced online coaches all follow evidence-based nutritional practices to provide you with sound strategies, advice and structured, easy-to-follow meal plans that yield results.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to eating to achieve your goals. In order to be effective for YOU, your nutrition must be completely customised to suit both your current lifestyle and your goals. This is why when clients join the Versa Fit Club, we conduct a detailed analysis of your current situation, taking into account your food preferences and restrictions (dietary, allergies or intolerances) as well as an analysis of your medical history. Utilizing all of this data, your coach will develop an individualised meal plan tailored to fit ALL of your requirements.

We don’t believe that a healthy lifestyle is overly restrictive – we encourage a balanced, sustainable approach to nutrition, incorporating foods you love, along with wholesome, easily accessible ingredients.

The only good meal plan is the one that you will actually follow. And through consistent adherence, not only will you see physical changes, but positive health and performance improvements too.

So how can a meal plan help you on your journey to a healthier, stronger and leaner YOU?

An effective, structured meal plan provides the correct nutrition to support your goals, whether these may be for weight loss, building muscle or managing a health condition. Macronutrients are the fuel your body needs to function, and your meal plan is developed to ensure you are getting just the right amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fats and micronutrients to keep you performing at optimum levels.

  • Ready to start seeing results and move closer to reaching your body goals.
  • complete beginner and have no idea what to eat to achieve your physique or health goals.
  • Wanting more knowledge and guidance on the best nutritional strategy to suit your lifestyle.
  • Looking for guidance on supplementation. 
  • Wanting to improve and better manage a lifestyle disease.

If you’re just starting out your health journey and need a lot of nutritional guidance and support, or perhaps you are at a more advanced stage – wanting to take it to the next level – we can help you get there. From ONCE-OFF MEAL PLANS to NUTRITION COACHING as well as our more advanced HIGH PERFORMANCE COACHING – there is something for everyone.

Our nutritional support also extends to keeping our clients accountable with regular support check-in calls and progress updates to ensure that they stay on track.

No matter what your current activity level or starting point is, through optimised nutrition, we can help you get to where you want to be in the most supportive and managable way possible.


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