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Functional training

Functional training has a purpose and translates to activities beyond your workout.

Functional Training has become one of the most popular ways to develop strength and fitness. Functional Training is both a lifestyle and form of training, it is made up of high intensity interval training workouts, using functional movements to promote strength and conditioning. The Workouts of the Day or ‘WODS’ generally include variations of squats, push-ups and weightlifting for specific periods of time. The workouts are deemed to be effective due to the high intensity and emphasis on load, distance and speed, which over time, builds strength and fitness.

Functional Training is a very goal-driven endeavour. Participants are constantly chasing a goal during each and every workout, whether its competing against fellow cross fitters, beating their workout times or previous PBs or simply improving on their 1RMs (1 rep max).

Functional Training can be extremely taxing on your muscles and joints. Therefore, ensuring that your nutrition provides you with enough energy to keep you going, and to assist your body to function optimally is what the Vera Fit Club team do best. Your meal plan will be specifically designed to cater for any goal you wish to achieve, from fat loss, to strength and everything in between.

The Versa Fit Club team of coaches have extensive experience and knowledge in functional and strength training. We can design WODs, AMRAPS and functional circuit training for you as well as recommend great boxes for you to train at. We can also assist you with additional training programes and customised meal plans designed to support all your Functional Training goals. In addition, our trainers can help and guide you on your exercise execution to ensure that all your exercises are performed efficiently and safely.

Whether you are an occasional functional trainer, just doing it for fun or if you are looking to pursue FT at a more advanced level, the Versa Fit Club team can assist you with great results on your journey


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