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Physique Competition

Competitive bodybuilding training and nutrition coaching.

Preparing for a bodybuilding or physique competition requires a lot of dedication, time and resources. The intense nature of the training and nutrition requirements is often best done under the guidance of a highly experienced coach, who fully understands the dynamics of what goes into the extreme sport of bodybuilding.

Competitive bodybuilding training and nutrition is another key area of expertise for the Versa Fit Club team. All our coaches have themselves competed in various physique and bodybuilding competitions, across different federations, and have first-hand experience of all the challenges and hard work required to sculpt your body into a stage-ready masterpiece. In addition to competition prep coaching, our aesthetics coaching also includes physique showcases, modelling and photoshoot preparation.

A bodybuilding competition prep is very rigorous and can be quite stressful. A trainer who understands the demands, both physically and mentally, can be an invaluable tool to steer and support you to achieve incredible results.

Traditionally, competition prep dieting is usually very monotonous and restrictive. However, our approach is very different. With our extensive experience and evidence-based nutrition practices, we ensure that our clients enjoy flexibility and variety in their diets, while still seeing great results. Our bodybuilding training programmes are individually customised for each and every client, based on a detailed needs and physique assessment. Designed to yield maximum output and physique changes, suited to the requirements of your chosen stage division.

Along with our effective nutrition and training guidance, you will also receive regular support and guidance throughout your journey to the stage. Additionally, Versa Fit Club also offers posing sessions, available in-person and online, depending on what works for your schedule. Although the journey can be an extremely challenging one, you can breathe a little easier knowing that you won’t walk it alone.


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