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Highly specialised sports performance nutrition

Whether you are a competitive athlete, an occasional sports player or exercising every day; what you eat and when has a direct impact on your performance

A well-planned, nutritious diet should meet an athlete’s energy requirements also support post-event recovery and repair.

Eating for sports performance is something that many athletes don’t take into consideration or don’t take seriously enough. However, without the right nutrition, any performance improvements will reach a dead end quickly and the hard work done during practice sessions will yield limited results. Fundamentally, if your nutritional needs are not taken care of, you are severely limiting your potential. We can help you create nutrition plans centered around your goals

Our team of Versa Fit Club coaches are highly knowledgeable in just how critical a nutritionally-adequate diet is for excelling in a wide range of sports, and have the expertise needed to design a plan that works just for you and your goals. We take everything into account, from the right amount of macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, to meal timing in and around your practice times and game days, as well as optimal food choices that will make sure your body feels energized, fueled and ready to go.

Our highly specialised sports performance meal plans are meticulously designed around all your requirements to yield results in sports practice and to give you an edge on competition or game days.


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